New Rule Changes for 2020 Competitions

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a) Medaling will be awarded as follows:
1. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for the youth division.
2. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for the open men’s division.
3. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for the recreation men’s division.
4. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for the open co-ed division.
5. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for the recreation co-ed division.
b) There is no limit on how many players can be on a team, however, Basketball is limited to Division 1 athletes only.
c) Maximum of 3 teams per State TGA Team.
d) No medals will be awarded for first round competition.

a) The 5km race will take place before the 20km
b) Due to scheduling conflicts, Cycling has been moved to Friday. There will be a special set of 500m Freestyle heats to start Swimming in order to get swimmers done in time for the Cycling competition. Note* these heats are only for competitors competing in the Virtual Triathlon.

-Trivia Challenge-
a) Competitors must be pre registered for the Team Trivia competition. (No walk up teams)
b) Team’s can have more than one team but only a maximum of 6 players per team.

a) No maximum number of players on a team will be enforced.
b) Maximum of 2 teams per State TGA Team.
C) Volleyball is limited to Division 1 athletes only.

Clarifications for 2018 Competitions

-Doubles/Partner Sports-
a) Competitors are responsible for finding and identifying their partner. Competitors must supply their partner on the registration site. Partners must be from the same team
b) Mixed doubles is restricted to same division, male/female partners. Division one athletes cannot partner with division two athletes for mixed doubles.

a) All Competitors must be pre-registered for their sporting events.

-Ballroom Dancing-
a) Ballroom Dancing is an individual competition.
b) Partners do not have to be a Division 1 or Division 2 competitor. Partners can be a friend, family member, dance instructor, etc. Non-competitors do not medal and are not judged. However, if partners are Division 1 or Division 2 competitors, they would medal separately and are judged as individuals.
c) Athletes can compete in a maximum 2 dance divisions. There are four divisions available: American Rhythm, American Smooth, International Latin, International Standard. Competitors can compete in a total of 6 dances within the 2 dance divisions they choose. There are only 3 dances in each division.

a) Pickleball will be a doubles competition only for all both Division 1 and Division 2 athletes. There will be separate brackets for both divisions.